Efecto Group specializes in Full Home Renovations and Remodels and after hundreds of completed projects in the Greater Memphis, TN area we are confident we can provide you with exceptional service for your next home remodel.

Whether you’re a homeowner occupant, local investor, or out-of-state rental investment property owner, we are available to serve you the following services:

  • General Contracting
    • Detailed Estimation and Inspection
    • Fast Project Preparation
    • Project Management and Coordination
    • Selective Demolition and Trash-Out Services
    • Full-Scale Carpentry
    • Sheetrock Services
    • Interior and Exterior Paint (Walls, Ceilings, Trim, Cabinetry, Specialty)
    • Interior Build-Out and Finishes
    • Insulation (Wall and Ceilings)
    • Equipment and Hardware Installation and Interior Finishes
    • Flooring (all kinds)
    • Complete Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels
    • Tile Work (Flooring, Tile Surround, Backsplash, etc.)
    • Roof Decking and Roof Covering

  • Specialized Services
    • Tree Removal Services
    • Landscaping Services
    • Coordination of Plumbing and Electrical Services
    • Fencing and Related

  • Consulting Services

Every aspect of the renovations or remodeling process is managed by the Efecto Group team, starting with Inspections, Estimations, Construction Planning, On-Site Supervision, and supervision.

Before and After

Being present in the local environment for years, we have strong relationships with a network of skilled trade contractors, planners, specialists, and other professionals. Whatever your need might be, we can take care of it.

Contact us at Support@EfectoGroup.com or call us at 901-676-7096.