Bid Package Specific Items:

The bidding trade partner is to provide the price per every Line Item as recorded and advise with a comment if any additional items are to be completed at the project. If an Item is not needed (not applicable), bid with a $0 price. No items are to be excluded due to “trade not offered” by the trade partner.

Bidding Expectations:

Our team prepared in-detail job requirements represented in Line Items of the Bid. On-site inspections are highly encouraged wherever possible and detailed inspection is expected as we accept ONLY full Turnkey Bids, meaning Change Orders are only acceptable where the extraordinary situation occurs, such as Acts of God, hidden/underlying issues that were impossible to discover only by visual inspection and other damages caused by other Subcontractors or external forces.
For current and up-to-date Efecto Group, LLC Terms and Conditions including in-detail Bidding Expectations and Turnkey Bids meaning can be found in the link here:

Job Conditions:

Bidding parties are expected to be licensed contractors in their respective industries unless where no licensing is legally required, however, selected Subcontractors are required to be licensed and are fully responsible for licensure and actions arising from those requirements. Efecto Group, LLC will not grant any jobs to Subcontractors without active and valid documentation, including a W-9, Certificate of General Liability, proof of Workers Comp insurance, or proof of Workers Comp Exemption from the Secretary of State where work is performed.
Other up-to-date Efecto Group, LLC Terms and Conditions can be found in the link here: